Pro Golfer since the age of 15, Brian Davis wants to get golfer more aware of the risks associated to sun exposure. Diagnosed with skin cancer, he testifies: “ it opened my eyes. In England, people do not pay so much attention, because the sun is not always visible, but when I became conscious of the actual risks, my own skin had already been seriously damaged...”.

Tips for sun protection on the course: :

  1. Apply the sunscreen before you start the game and apply again before the 10th hole
  2. Beware of misleading « fresh » skin sensations from cool wind or water splash if you play your ball from a water hazard. UV are still present and harmful even
    if you do not feel the heat.
  3. If you spend significant time in or around bunkers, beware of intense light reflection (up to 40% of UV light) from the sand.
  4. Avoid being on the fairways from 12 am to 4 pm. Tee off before 8 am or after 4 pm
  5. Do not roll in rage and short pants into the grass after a triple bogey. Some grass and chemical can induced sun related photo-allergy