Among all sports, Golfers are the most exposed to sun related hazards. An 18 holes game of golf means 4 to 5 times more UV exposure than a game of tennis. !

To protect your skin is to protect your health !

Prolonged and repeated exposure to sun is dangerous. Without the protection offered by specific clothes and/or an efficient sunscreen golfers at risk for sunburns, premature skin aging and skin cancers.

Brown spots that appear with age on the face or the back of hands testify of the passed sun exposure. Comparing the back of the hand normally wearing the golf glove to the other hand reveals the amount of damage induced by sun exposure.

Even more serious is the fact that UV light is now a well recognised risk factor for skin cancer. Just in France there are at least 500 new skin cancer cases detected in golfers. A scientific study conducted in Marbella (Spain) indicated that random examination of 351 golfers revealed 10.7% cases of undetected skin cancer and 40% of pre-cancerous lesions of the skin (actinic keratosis).

Sun protection of golfers is now a significant public health issue, widely reported in the media in the USA, in Australia, in South Africa and in Asia.

Protection solaire

Practical advice

Protect yourself from the sun On the route

While, SPF 30 can be acceptable for legs, depending on your phototype (fair skin needs more protection) and on sunlight intensity, you should always choose the highest protection factor (SPF 50+) for the face and other sensitive areas.
Sun protection against UVA and UVB is important. In fact UVA penetrate deep into the skin and are also quite hazardous. Choose a sunscreen that is sweat resistant to prevent the cream from dripping into your eyes and induce stinging sensations

Face, nose wings and nose tip, ears, neck, top of the head in bald men, back of the ungloved hand, decolleté are all areas that are more exposed to sun and UV light during the game. It is mandatory to protect those areas with great care. The Dermaswing brush let you apply the sunscreen efficiently as an even and smooth layer, even in the most difficult areas.

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen every 2 hours. With the brush DERMASWING, you can apply the sunscreen “on the go”, without removing your glove, keeping your hands clean and your grip efficient.

UV index is maximum around midday (2 pm in France in summertime). You should avoid to play when the sunlight is most intense, between 12 am and 4 pm in summertime or protect yourself with great care.

Sunburns are an acute reaction to skin damage induced by an overexposure to UVB and UVA. This aggression of the skin does have significant consequences in the long term, especially when repeated at a younger age, or for a an extended period of time, because of cumulated biological damage of the skin.

UV light rays can still beam across heavy clouds! A light cloudy haze in the sky for instance can let more than 90% of the UV light go though. Furthermore, UVB do not heat your skin. They can induce serious or even severe sunburns without you feeling any heating sensation. Even when the sky is cloudy, protect yourself from the sun.

Your sunglasses need to protect the eyes, the eyelid and the eye contour. It is best to have wrap-around frames since some of the thinner designs can let more than 40% of light rays pass underneath or on the side and reach the face ! A grade 3 is good enough for most circumstances. Grade 4 may be required when intense UV light is reflected from water, sand or at higher altitudes.

You will be better protected not only from the sun but also from insects or ticks where needed.


There is not such thing as a “total screen” (is is in fact now forbidden to use such terms by cosmetic regulatory boards). A sunscreen does not protect you 100% from sunlight exposure. It is mandatory to reapply the sunscreen frequently.